Museum Camp

A project of the
Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History

MuseumCamp 2017

powerhourMuseumCamp is an annual professional development event hosted by the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History (MAH). Each year we bring together diverse, passionate people for a sleep-away camp for adults where we learn together through active, creative workshops and activities.

The 2017 MuseumCamp theme is CHANGEMAKERS. We will spend 2.5 days together exploring the ways we make change in our work, our communities, and the world. We will focus specifically on how we can use creative projects as catalysts for community action and change. Whether you are dreaming about change, making it happen, or have battle scars to share, we want you here this year.

This MuseumCamp will be challenging–but not in a frenetic, obstacle course way. It will challenge us to confront our fears about change, empower others, and create the future we seek. APPLY NOW.


What: A 2.5-day professional development experience that is part retreat, part unconference, part summer camp.

When: Wednesday August 9 – Friday August 11, 2017. Camp will start on Wednesday at 1pm and conclude on Friday at 5pm.

Where: Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History (MAH), Santa Cruz, CA

Who: 100 diverse, creative people who want to make positive change in their communities. MuseumCamp is AT a museum, but it is not specifically FOR museum practitioners. This camp is open to people with all types and levels of professional experience. Registration is based on a competitive application process. Attendees will be selected based on diversity of background, work, experience, and interests. We especially encourage people of color, non-female people, people over 50, and/or people working outside of traditional museums/visual arts to apply. Applications accepted through March 15, 2017.

Why: To learn and practice new ways of creating, resisting, and honoring change. To move from words to action. To build community across our differences. To play. To be inspired. To have fun.

How it will work: MuseumCamp will offer hefty doses of both learning and doing, all focused on changemaking, mostly led by campers themselves. It will be facilitated by a team of counselors with diverse skills in change-making and group facilitation.

On Wednesday, August 9, there will be “unlearning” activities and workshops, followed by dinner together and a truly magical bonding experience: the Power Hour of Fun, presented by Elise Granata.

On Thursday, August 10, there will be workshops and lightning talks on changemaking, and an in-depth introduction to the MAH’s Lost Childhoods exhibition, which is one example of a creative project co-created with community members to spur change in the foster care system.  In the afternoon/evening, we’ll do a small-group design sprint to make a project that helps inspire others towards creative change. With dinner and late night hijinks.

On Friday, August 11, there will be lightning talks, unconference sessions, and workshops. We will conclude with a beach party and team project presentation.

Please note that MuseumCamp is an “all in” experience. We ask all campers to commit themselves totally to MuseumCamp while here. Days start early and can end quite late. We ask you to check your devices at the door. To eat, play, stretch, learn, and grow together. There will be alone time, too — space you make for yourself to reflect on the experience as it’s happening.

Cost: We are trying to make camp as affordable as possible for participants. The registration fee this year will be a sliding scale from $150-$250, which includes dinner on Wednesday and Thursday and breakfast on Thursday and Friday. Participants are welcome to sleep over at the museum if desired – we will coordinate a shower option at a local gym a couple blocks from the museum. If the cost is an issue, we’ll work together to see if we can give you a full or partial scholarship. Please do not let cost be a limiting factor when you consider whether or not to apply.

Seriously, you should apply!