Museum Camp

A project of the
Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History

People of MuseumCamp


2017 Museum Camp is presented by the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History (MAH).

This year’s MAH camp team includes: Nina Simon (Executive Director), Lauren Benetua (Dialogue Catalyst), and Diana Kapsner (Event Operations Catalyst).

This year’s counselors are creative changemakers from near and far: Monica Montgomery (Museum of Impact), Mike Murawski (Portland Art Museum), Ebony McKinney (grant maker/cultural organizer), Stacey Marie Garcia (MAH), Sandino Gomez (MAH), and Jamie Keil (MAH). Robin Cembalest (social media & editorial strategies) will also lead social media documentation of MuseumCamp.



MuseumCamp is amazing because of the amazing people who attend. Here are one-sentence bios of our 2017 MuseumCampers!