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20 teams had 48 hours to develop, execute, and analyze social outcome research projects at 20 locations throughout Santa Cruz, CA. They explored creative, speculative, and downright ridiculous methodologies to gain insight on how we might use artistic thinking to measure the immeasurable in our work.

High Five Santa Cruz (Team Hair Band)

Hypothesis: Does a free live performance event create a sense of affinity for Santa Cruz among people who happen up upon the event? Hypothesis People who happen upon a free public art event are more likely to outwardly express enthusiasm for Santa Cruz than those who came specifically for the event. (The site was the “band […]

Its Beach: Are Dog Owners More Social Than Non-Dog Owners?

Hypothesis: Having viagra pas cher a dog increases social interaction with strangers.

Skin in the Game: Fostering Engagement in the Tannery Artist Community

Hypothesis: cialis generique The Tannery provides a stable, secure, and safe environment for artists through three areas of support: financial/economic, social/community, and artistic/creative. With increased stability, artists are able to increase their creative output or innovation.


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Analog MRI: Measuring the inner experience of a musical event

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JerBears at the Shakedown

Hypothesis: People with a shared affinity/interest in a specific artist are more likely to interact with people that they don’t know at a live music event.

Technological Mediation and Visitor Experience in Nature

Hypothesis: Technological Mediation enhances visitor experience of popular scenic coastal environments.

Del Mar Cinema and Civic Pride in Santa Cruz

Hypothesis: Participating in a film experience at Del Mar increases civic pride for local Santa Cruzians.

First Friday Ambassadorship

Hypothesis: First Friday fuels a positive perception of downtown Santa Cruz.

Shared Learning Approach

Hypothesis: Does a shared approach to learning enhance a sense of belonging to a community?

Karma Hat

Hypothesis: There will be a higher level of social interaction at the MAH on the 2nd floor compared to the 1st during First Friday.

Abbott Square (Team Labyrinth)

Hypothesis: Novel alterations of pathways increase engagement between people and the place.

Measuring social constructs between homeless and others at the San Lorenzo levee

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Perception of Santa Cruz Street Culture

Hypothesis: First Friday context positively influences participants perception of street dwellers.

Santa Cruz Indigenous Solidarity Film & Fundraiser Event

Hypothesis: Empathy drives people to take action after an activism related film screening event.

“Ageless Art” reception at Loudon Nelson Community Center

Hypothesis: The well-being of the artist is enhanced by the creative process culminating in a public exhibition of that art. (A bit of background on the Ageless Art program: Ageless Art’s mission is to help revitalize creative expression and a sense of worth for people living in residential care homes. A vital part of this program […]

Stanger Danger

Hypothesis: Some areas of MAH are more conducive to social bridging during First Friday.

One Minute Art Project: Fast, Fun, Free, and Easy

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People x (Food + Place) = Community

Hypothesis: Celebrations around food in public spaces create greater opportunities to reinforce community than what might happen in everyday life.

Government Sites – Civic Engagement Survey

Hypothesis: Residents who take advantage of non-essential government-supported where can i buy viagra services are more likely to be engaged in the overall civic life of Santa Cruz.