Museum Camp

A project of the
Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History

MuseumCamp 2015

MuseumCamp 2015

MuseumCamp 2015’s theme was SPACE. We spent 2.5 days together exploring the ways we make space, both for ourselves and for others. Over the course of the weekend, we built The Space Deck, a co-created deck of 56 spacemaking cards. Each card presents a prompt for a way to make space in your life and work. Space for you to grow. Space for others to communicate and do their best work. 

Click here to view cards and order a deck of your own.

You can make space by empowering others. You can make space by inviting non-traditional partners into your work. You can make space by giving yourself permission or time or a paintbrush. Making space gives us a safe place to feel the fear and courage necessary for us to grow as individuals and organizations.

This MuseumCamp was presented by the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History partnering with Beck Tench. Beck is a deep thinker about space-making, especially in libraries, museums, and creative knowledge work. Beck worked with Nina Simon, Sandino Gomez, Keri Crask and Elise Granata at the MAH to make MuseumCamp happen.