Museum Camp

A project of the
Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History

Perception of Santa Cruz Street Culture

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Team Members

Nora Grant, Ginger Carlson, Therese Adams, Lindsey Housel

What was your hypothesis?

First Friday context positively influences participants perception of street dwellers.

What indicator did you measure?

Positive perception of street dwellers.

How did you measure it?

Through a comparison study based on a qualitative word choice exercise that measured positive words in response to the phrase "Street Culture in Santa Cruz is..." and through a quantitative observational study. These methods were executed on Thursday evening and on Friday evening during First Friday events.

What did you learn?

We learned that:
-We would require additional information in order to categorize answers from our participants.
-Pretesting instruments in imperative!
-Participants self selected the word choice activity which resulted in a non representative sample of First Friday art walkers.
-People were intimidated/ motivated by the public nature of self reporting their comments.
-That our method was not comprehensive enough to satisfy our hypothesis.
-That our instruments yielded conflicting conclusions.

Any surprises?

We were surprised that:: -We created an instrument that yielded some pretty unusable data. - The attitudes were so positive about street culture.