Museum Camp

A project of the
Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History


Here are the handouts and links provided during MuseumCamp.

Research Locations
A quick guide to the 20 locations for research projects during Camp.

Camper Packet
A detailed Camp schedule with everything you need during Camp.

Team Worksheets
The sheets used to track your project during Camp.

Counselor-Provided Materials:

Links to Useful Projects, Papers, and Data Sources
Compiled by Alexis Frasz

Methodology Basics
Workshop with Paul Harder

Data for Action: Telling the Story of Wellbeing
Presented by Susan Brutschy and Megan Joseph

Post-Camp Reflections:

James Heaton’s 14 thoughtful takeaways related to market research, inquiry, and sleep.

Nina Simon’s notes on lessons learned from the research projects about methods and results.

Katherine Gressel’s comparison of MuseumCamp 2013 and 2014