Museum Camp

A project of the
Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History

Testimonials from past MuseumCampers

Curious what past campers thought about the experience? Here’s how they describe MuseumCamp…

“A whirlwind of inspiration”

“It’s an amazing opportunity to learn and network in a fascinating and fun way. The structure of it made it easy to connect quickly with people, using common camp-style bonding activities (with a nerdy twist) but NOT at all in a gross way. It’s the best “conference” I’ve ever been to!”

“I love the open, welcoming, and diverse crowd”

“A FUN and intensive multi-day learning experience where you can put aside your daily to-do list, bring along your personal and professional experiences, and come together, connect, and LEARN with 100 inspiring people from around the world.”

“I would describe it as – An incredibly intense, structured yet safe and free space to rapidly test your assumptions about the camps theme/focus.”

A little scary
As much about learning to work with people as learning about the topic at hand”

“It’s not your typical Conference, and yet you are going to get sooo much input and networking. Someone else described it as a safe place for experimenting and attempting to do what our respective workplaces would qualify as “not serious enough”, and I keep thinking that’s the best description ever.”


What was your most surprising takeaway from MuseumCamp?

“That things can come together quickly, with the right motivators.”

“I was pleasantly surprised at the positive attitude, and the feeling of equality (everyone’s ideas and experience were valued) at Museum Camp and I hope I can bring that spirit into our workplace in even a small way.”

“First, that I really need to relax. I loved learning to let go of obsessions with perfection, to find out that you don’t always have to aim for The Big Statement, and about the value of working more closely with your local community.”

“Open up the process. Make room for silly ideas. Listen to everyone. Listen again. There were some really creative ideas here and we eliminated job/rank/serial number so we could really communicate.”

“Even though this was a professional development experience, there was very little focus on our job titles or the specifics of where we worked. Unlike most conferences, our jobs were less important than our experiences or who we were as individuals. I liked that.”

“I was surprised by the opportunities for self-reflection and thoughtfulness and the encouragement to relish and explore these.”

“It was more playful than I expected it to be!”